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Investor Relations
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 Important Clarification

Attention of the Management is drawn to some mis-leading emails and information being fed on the social media whereby BankIslami has been labeled as financially weak and under stress. Such information contain grossly wrong financial position of BankIslami, including Capital, Equity, Assets, Deposits & Profitability. Bankislami is the second largest Islamic Banking operation in Pakistan including both windows and full fledged islamic banks. This year Inshallah, it shall be in profit for fourth year in a row. It is not possible a Bank of such size, profile and financial performance may be in any kind of stress.

The Net Equity of BankIslami as at September 30, 2014 was Rs. 6.8 billion. In addition to that, the Board of the Bank in its meeting held on October 29, 2014 decided to raise the capital by Rs. 4.3 billion. In this respect, permission from State Bank of Pakistan was received on November 05, 2014 and the Bank has applied to Securities and Exchange Commission for necessary approvals.The Bank has announced in Karachi Stock Exchange on 21st November 2014 of its plans to issue capital of Rs. 4.3 billion making the total equity of the Bank at Rs. 11.10 billion. Announcement made to Karachi Stock Exchange on 21st November 2014 and permission received from State Bank dated 5th November 2014 can be viewed in the following link. It is further clarified the process of increasing the capital of the Bank has been in consultation with State Bank of Pakistan hence the possibility of any adverse financial position is completely ruled out.

 Unique Ad - Urdu  
 Unique Ad  
 Facts are different than What You are Told - Urdu  
 Facts are different than What You are Told  
 Public Notice - Urdu  
 Public Notice  
 Still Counting - Urdu  
 Still Counting  
 Public Notice - Urdu  
 Public Notice  
 Draft Scheme of Amalgamation  
 Due Diligence - KASB  
 Letter To KSE - Tier Capital  
 KSE Board Decision Dated 30 Dec 2014 Right Issue - PUCARS  
 Letter To KSE Dated 28 Nov 2014  
 Business Recorder News Clipping- Banks quite stable- SBP (25th Nov 2014)  
 KSE intimation of BOD Meeting 27 Nov 2014  
 SBP Permission for Rs 4 Billion Right Issue at PAR  
 Financial Statements
 BankIslami Quarterly Report March 2015  
 BankIslami Annual Report 2014  
 BankIslami Quarterly Report Sept 2014  
  BankIslami Half Yearly Report June 2014  
  BankIslami Quarterly Report March 2014  
  BankIslami Annual Report of 2013  
  BankIslami Quarterly Report of September 2013  
  BankIslami Half Yearly Results of June 2013  
  BankIslami Quarterly Report March 2013  
 BankIslami Annual Report 2012  
 BankIslami Quarterly Report September 2012 (688 KB)  
 Half Yearly Report June 2012 (703 KB)  
 BankIslami Quarterly Report 2012 (700 KB)  
 BankIslami Annual Report 2011 (6 MB)  
 BankIslami Quarterly Report September 2011 (276 KB)  
 Half Yearly Results of June 2011 (156 KB)  
 BankIslami Quarterly Report March 2011 (240 KB)  
 BankIslami Annual Report 2010(2.3MB)  
 BankIslami Quarterly Report September 2010(430 KB)  
 BankIslami Half Yearly Report June 2010(256 KB)  
 BankIslami Quarterly Report March 2010 (462 KB)  
 Annual Report 2009 (4.7 MB)  
 Quarterly Report September 2009 ( 476 KB)  
 Half Yearly Report June 2009 ( 950 KB)  
  First Quarterly Report March 2009 ( 493 KB )  
Test test1  Annual Report 2008 ( 6 MB )  
  Quarterly Report September 2008 ( 206 KB )  
  First Half Yearly Report June 2008 ( 224 KB )  
 First Quarterly Report March 2008 ( 214 KB )  
 Fourth Annual Report December 2007 ( 2.29 MB )  
 Third Quarterly Report September 2007 ( 532 KB)  
 Half Yearly Report June 2007 ( 479 KB )  
 First Quarterly Report March 2007 ( 441 KB )  
 Annual Report 2006 ( 1.90 MB )  
 Third Quarter 2006  
 Second Quarter 2006  
 First Quarter 2006 ( 126 KB )  
 Annual Report 2005 ( 858 KB )  
 Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Notices
 Free Float as at September 30, 2015  
 BoD decision taken in its September 18, 2015 meeting  
 BIPL Shares purchased by CEO  
 Book Closure 5th Right Issue  
 Clarification on Television Program (Letter to Karachi Stock Exchange)  
 BankIslami Material Information  
 BankIslami Material Information  
 Result 31, March 2015  
 BankIslami Material Information Draft Scheme of Amalgamation  
 BIPL Material information  
 KSE informed BIPL share purchased by Mr Hasan A Bilgrami-CEO  
 KSE Informed Shares Of BIPL Purchased By BIPL CEO  
 KSE Dec 2014 - Results  
 Due Diligence - KASB  
 Letter To KSE - Tier Capital  
 KSE Board Decision Dated 30 Dec 2014 Right Issue - PUCARS  
 Letter To KSE Dated 28 Nov 2014  
 KSE intimation of BOD Meeting 27 Nov 2014  
 SBP Permission for Rs 4 Billion Right Issue at PAR  
 KSE Quarterly Report Sept 2014  
 KSE Printed letter of rights  
 KSE Dispatch of LoR and credit of unpaid right - newspaper clipping  
 KSE Half Yearly Results Ended For 30-June-2014  
 KSE Material Info - Resignation of Mr Abdulhakim Director  
 Intimation To KSE For Holding Board Meeting  
 KSE Board Decision Material Information DT 20 May 2014  
 KSE Free Float As At 31 Mar 2014  
 KSE Financial Results For The Quarter Ended 31 Mar 2014  
 10th AGM Notice to Stock Exchange  
 Election of Directors Notice to Stock Exchange  
 KSE intimation to hold BoD Meeting on April 18 2014  
 Intimation of holding of Board Meeting-Dec 2013 Financial Results  
 To KSE reported more than 10 pct shareholding -Mr Ali Hussain  
 Reply to KSE on Mr Ali Hussain shareholding  
 Resolution passed in EOGM  
 BIPL Notice of EOGM with proxy form  
 KSE for approval of holding the EOGM  
 Letter to KSE sent projections - Right issue of Rs 400 million  
 KSE Right Issue Of RS 400 Million - Material Info  
 SECP and KSE Material Info SBP in principal approval for right issue at discounted price  
 Material Information - SBP in principal approval and BoD Meeting to discuss right issue at discounted price  
 Letter intimation to KSE for Change of Director & Chairman  
 Letter intimation to KSE for Right Shares Discounted Price  
 State Bank of Pakistan grants permission to BankIslami for EGIBL Due diligence  
  BankIslami signs MOU with Emirates Global Islamic Bank for Due diligence  
  BankIslami sign NDA with Citibank for Auto Financing Portfolio  
Test test1  Report of BankIslami acquisition of Citibank Mortgage Portfolio  

Company Registration number: 00000010417/20041007
National Tax Number: 2238845-1
Symbol of the Company: BIPL
Symbol assigned by The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited
Web link of Stock Exchange assigned the symbol:

Investor Complaints:

In case of any complaint you may contact the following:

Muhammad Shoaib
Company Secretary
BankIslami Pakistan Limited
11th Floor, Executive Tower,
Dolmen City, Marine Drive, Block-4, Clifton,
Telephone: (+9221) 35839906 Extension: 2112
(+9221) 35372252

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