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BankIslami Visa Debit card opens new doors of convenience for you. Now, you can use your BankIslami Visa Debit ATM Card locally as well as globally with Visa accepting Point of Sales (POS) locations and ATMs.

BankIslami Visa Debit Card gives you convenience to access your money wherever and whenever you need it for all your purchases. BankIslami Visa Debit Card comes handy with benmefits and features that you always dream of.
BankIslami Visa Debit Card is accpeted at over 50,000 Visa outlets in Pakistan and at over 27 million outlets around the world. This Card also lets you withdraw from over 4,000 ATMs nationwide and over 1 million ATMs around the world.
  With BankIslami Visa Debit Card, your purchase amount instantly gets deducted from your account without any additonal cost. PLus, you can manage your money through this as week.
  If your Card is stolen or lost, immediately call our 24/7 Phone Banking at 111 ISLAMI (111- 475264) or from outside Pakistan, call (+92-21) 111 ISLAMI to report loss/theft. You are protected from financial liability arising from any unauthorized transaction done on your Card after being reported lost.
  You travel assistance 24/7 from Visa Glabal Assistance Service. This service c an also be used for lost/stolen card reporting. Visit our website www.bankislami.com.pk to view the Global Customer Assistance (GCAS) Number.
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